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Car Bed Light-MG 3D- Black

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CAR BED MG 3D BLACK with Headlights and Under glow LED . Children's bed CAR for boys and girls new development with the charm of a real CAR . The bed CAR is made in bright BLACK  color. Volumetric, detailed bumper made of molded plastic imitates the design of the car brand Mustang. The crib frame is made of laminated chipboard class E-0.5, approved for the production of children's furniture, Decorative stickers on the body of the product are protected from abrasion and burnout by matte lamination. The bed includes an orthopedic mattress base. Headlights LED and LED under THE BED are the perfect nightlight, Light intensity and colors adjustable via remote control. A comfortable, beautiful, not taking up much space BED CAR will be a favorite place for your little ones. Highest category mattress included-a series of spring less three-layer mattresses The mattresses of the maximum configuration are certified: they are made of hypoallergenic, safe, environmentally friendly materials, (high-density polyurethane foam), due to which they have a pronounced orthopedic effect and have a high level of comfort. multi-level, two-way comfort system that allows you to properly distribute the load and change the stiffness depending on preferences. Independent and micro-point support for your baby’s body due to highly elastic flooring and millions of supporting cells. Optimal climatic sleep due to the open, porous structure of the foam. If you are looking for a truly high-quality mattress, with different comfort zones and the best prediction of exploitation, then the Premium series mattresses are definitely your choice! All products are certified. Our production is free from the use of PBDEs, mercury, lead and other heavy metals, formaldehyde and phthalates. We prefer only hypoallergenic, safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly material . Bed dimensions 72.6 - 29 - 20 inch . 184,5 /74 /50,7 см .  ‘THANK YOU FOR TRUSTING YOUR CHILD’S GOOD DREAMS IN OUR HANDS’

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