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licensed Mercedes Benz GLS63. KIDS ELECTRIC RIDE ON CAR. This electric kids' car is a realistic scale replica of a Mercedes GLS63 4X4, and is licensed by Mercedes Benz. Sport Press Start Button on the dashboard, pressing the button, and hear the authentic engine start-up sounds. NEW Generation 2.4G parental remote control WITH STOP BUTTON ( you can stop the car from any distance ) Rubber 4 x 4 Wheels ( no noise while driving ) , 4 motors , 2 * 12v7ah battery ( 24v in Total ) . Lather comfortable seats for 2 kids . Rear Suspension . The ride on car can be used with the normal in-car controls, using the pedal with the forwards/reverse gears and steering wheel, or can optionally be used remotely with the parental control. The parental radio remote can operate from up to around 20m away and controls forwards/reverse and moves the steering wheel left and right. MP3 player input with volume control - This electric car comes with a cable which plugs in to the dashboard, allowing an MP3 player or any other device with a headphones socket to be plugged in, and the music played through the car speaker. Plugging in a device disables the in-car sounds. Steering wheel sounds - The steering wheel buttons include horn and sounds. Seat belt - This kids' car has a seat belt fitted, to keep your child safe if using the parental remote option. Working lights - The front headlights can be switched on and off using the dashboard switch. Battery indicator - It has a battery capacity indicator, you will know how much power the battery has got and monitor the battery if it needs a charge. Specification: Parental Control Safety Seat Belt Sound Effects with horn Power On/Off Switch 2 Speed Gear (High/Low) Foot Accelerator Small assembly required.

MiniMotoToys offers 6-Month Warranty on parts excluding batteries, tires and Chargers.
All products come with Lifetime tech support. All replacement parts for all of our toys in stock! If needed! Please note: these cars are have a plastic body, and minor blemishes in the plastic or chrome parts can occur during the shipping process; this is normal. However, clients are expected to communicate with our technical support team immediately if a product was received significantly damaged.

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